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Carla Downing originally studied nursing and subsequently practiced for six years.  She initially intended to care for sick children but found it very disheartening.  Therefore, she proceeded to service senior clients for roughly five years, understanding that her true purpose was to service and care for children.  She returned to study psychology and then to work in the field of social services.  She began working for an Abstinence Education Program where she trained Educators to present abstinence programming to youth as she provided medical slides inside of 65 Chicago Public Schools, four N.Y.S.P programs and several other youth programs throughout the city of Chicago.  After exceeding service goals for the abstinence program, Carla was asked to fill a position within the same agency as a CHA Family Works Case Manager.  She later then transitioned to the position created from her work inside of several CHA developments as a Youth Developer.  After providing 11 yrs of service to CHA residents she took ill for 18 months.  It was then that she returned to the work force as an entrepreneur making the decision to follow her passion for leadership development in youth. 


Carla spoke often of struggles as a working parent with finding out-of-school care that encompassed quality, affordability, safety, and offered a variety of programming and feeling as though it was as well a nurturing environment.  She also realized, one of her biggest issues were, that everything is typically a la carte, and additional fees for hours that were much needed, or minutes for that matter.  So with all these things in mind, she derived the names of her two wonderful children Jeremy and Tyler founding JETY Activity Center, and has continued on this journey.


At JETY Activity Center, we believe that our parents should feel pride in their decision to enrich their child’s education.  This is why we have designed an after-school program that is nurturing, and structured not only to create a solid foundation of academic learning, but that will also promote extra-curricular interests and skills as well.  This balanced approach provides children with the all-encompassing advantage they will need to succeed in today’s competitive world.


JETY Activity Center is not a babysitting service.  It is an activity center for 5 - 15 yr. olds that is carefully crafted to not only help students master the work they are currently doing in school, but challenges them to build their skill set, employ critical thinking skills, improve health and wellness, and increase leadership skills.


Our parents are excited to share their children’s positive experiences at JETY Activity Center.  JETY Activity Center is honored they have chosen to be a part of our family.  Beyond the excitement that parents feel because of this, it is also important to note that children genuinely enjoy being a part of JETY Activity Center experiences.  Extra Curricular Activities are a vital need in a child’s life.  Our activities teach many valuable skills.  It provides an opportunity for children to develop new interests and hobbies, as well as socialization skills.



Music, Dance, Drama, Book Writing & Publishing, Fashion & Design, and Arts & Crafts allow expression of creativity


Coding, Chess, Droning, DJ Classes, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and STEM allows children to master logical and strategical thinking.  STEM also develops  skills like communication, problem solving, and critical thinking.


Yoga helps children distress and relax


Cooking Class enhances and sharpens reading, math, and science skills all while developing culinary skills and leads to self sufficiency


Sports teaches children skill set, sportsmanship, keeps children fit and active.

These are examples of only some of the classes your child will enjoy at JETY Activity Center.  A wide of range of enrichment classes are offered.  Classes in newer fields and workshops keep your child abreast of new developments in the field of learning and technology.

At JETY Activity Center, we strive to provide innovative extra curricular, all under one roof, striving to give your child the best platform to experience and explore in our extra curricular classes.

Please click on the JETY Activity Center closest to you to find out which extracurricular activities are currently offered at that site.  Classes may be offered in sessions or may be ongoing for the entire school year.

Our Location


1750 W. 103rd St.

Chicago, IL 60643

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